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Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team Middle Leadership Team Administration & Site Management Lunchtimes Kitchen Team
Head Teacher Learning Specialists Business Manager Julie Kent Catering Supervisor
Rachel Batty   Lauren Metcalfe Tazeem Akhtar Sonia Senior
rachel.batty@battyefordprimary.com  Ethos, Value and Collective Worship    Michelle Roberts  
  Erika Clarke Business Support Christina Dews Customer Service Assistants
Deputy Head Teacher   Nicola Sanders Jenna Forster Deborah Land
Polly Snee Mental Health and Wellbeing   Amelia Kaye  Michelle Stockhill
polly.snee@battyefordprimary.com Karen Halstead PA to Headteacher Kayleigh McCullough Aaliya Kousar
    Esta Vincent   Dawn Garrett
SENCo Sports Partnership, Funding and Pupil Premium      
Samantha Whitwam Rachel Batty Site Manager    
sam.whitwam@battyefordprimary.com Polly Snee Anthony Clayton    
Deputy Head Teacher Nursery Provision/Flexible Offer Cleaners    
Strategic Early Years Leader Polly Snee Dianne Waterhouse    
Polly Snee  Natalie Arckless Karen Fillbrook    
polly.snee@battyefordprimary.com   Vicky Thompson    
    Danielle Abbott    
Assistant Head Teacher   Julia Nelson    
Key Stage One Leader    Shannon Garnett    
Nick Goodliffe        
Assistant Head Teacher         
Lower Key Stage Two Leader        
Lindsey Jackson        
Assistant Head Teacher        
Upper Key Stage Two Leader        
Steph King         
Early Years School Key Stage One School Lower Key Stage Two School Upper Key Stage Two School Special Education Needs
(Nursery & Reception) (Year 1 and 2) (Year 3 and 4) (Year 5 and 6) & Vulnerable Pupils Team
Deputy Head Assistant Head Assistant Head Assistant Head SENCO
Phase Leader Phase Leader Phase Leader Phase Leader Samantha Whitwam
Polly Snee  Nick Goodliffe Lindsey Jackson Steph King (4 days)  
        Nurture Lead
        Nic Waterworth
Teacher Nursery Teachers Year 1 Teachers Year 3 Teachers Year 5 Attendance Monitoring Team
Natalie Arckless Michelle Earle (4 days) Karen Halstead Rachel Jowett (mat leave) Rachel Batty
  Jemma Watson (4 days) Rebecca Ramsden Erika Clarke (3 days) Samantha Whitwam
  Samantha Whitwam (2 day)   Nicola Goodliffe (2 days) Nicola Sanders
      Deborah Squire Esta Vincent
Teachers Reception Teachers Year 2 Teachers Year 4 Teachers Year 6 Wrap Around Care
Katie Noon (3 days) Nick Goodliffe Lindsey Jackson Lisa Pearson Nic Waterworth
Natalie Deane (2 days) Alison Radbourne (4 days) Zoe Barrett (3 days) Steph King (4 days)  Kate Brown
Eve Croisdale (4 days) Polly Snee (1 day) Rebecca Moffatt (2 days) Rebecca Moffatt (1 day) Maxine Henderson
Polly Snee (1 day)       Rubina Saleem
        Siobhan Ellis
        Michelle Dudleston
  Higher Level Teaching Assistants (working across school)
  Tabassum Karbani, Siobhan Ellis, Richard Pickering
      Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Modern Foreign Languages)  
      Rebecca Branford  
  Senior Teaching Assistant   Senior Teaching Assistant  
  Debbie Stephenson (3 days)      
Teaching Assistants Teaching Assistants Teaching Assistants Teaching Assistants  
Ruth Holdsworth (4 days) Leanne Burns Claire Hudson Felicity Horrocks  
Maxine Henderson  Damon Carr Mandy Hill 1:1 Emma Brook 1:1  
Danielle Winter (1 day) Faye Shaw (4 days) Clare Newsome Nadine Bauer 1:1  
  Danielle Winter (3 days) Phillippa Hartley Kate Brown 1:1  
      Michelle Dudleston  
      Nicola Balmforth  
Nursery Nurse        
Nichola Palframan (4 days)        
Kathleen Cassidy         

Curriculum Innovation Teams

Subjects Reading, Phonics and Geography Maths and PE Science, ICT and Modern Foreign Languages Writing and History Art, DT and Music RE and PSHE Data and Assessment and Pupil Premium
Strategic Curriculum Lead(s) Polly Snee Lindsey Jackson Nick Goodliffe Steph King

Natalie Deane

Eve Croisdale

Karen Halstead

Erika Clarke

Rachel Batty
Subject Party

Jemma Watson

Zoe Barrett


Katie Noon

Lisa Pearson

Rebecca Moffatt 

Natalie Arckless

Michelle Earle

Alison Radbourne

Rachel Jowett

Rebecca Ramsden

Additional Support     Rebecca Branford    

Erik Peeters

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